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On average, it takes 200 hours and 25 meetings over 6-months to create RFP requirements when buying medical equipment. The Med Reddie platform accelerates this process so you can build RFP requirements through our peer-reviewed question-banks in 10 hours, 3 meetings and 1 month.

Don’t require an RFP? We’ve got you covered. Leverage our research tool to discover and learn about solutions in minutes so you can plan your next purchase.



The traditional ‘face to face’ communication mediums are
being replaced. Med Reddie enables you to tell your story
and reach audiences in new and varied ways. We unveil
your digital activity, sales pipelines and help you
modernize marketing to reach decision maker audiences
faster. With keyword searches tailored to your offerings,
Med Reddie creates awareness of opportunities and
invitations globally.

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We simplify the entire experience for both sides.
From getting strategic insights on digital sales
activity to accessing synthesized information on key
features for new medtech solutions in minutes,
Med Reddie delivers a consistent, reliable


Dedicated Support

We offer the support you need, when you
want it, via dedicated Med Reddie
professionals. The platform is highly secure and can be accessed anytime, anywhere 24/7. Supported on
major web applications with multilingual